If Qatar is equipped with S-400, Saudi will take military action, threatens Saudi King

Riyadh – Saudi Arabian King Salman has threatened, ‘If Qatar acquires the S-400 air defence system from Russia, Saudi can go to any extent to destroy it. Military action could also be an option.’ A leading French daily has claimed that this threat has been given by the Saudi King in a letter written to the French President Emmanuel Macron.

For the last one and a half year, a political conflict is simmering between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Accusing Qatar of aiding Iran and terrorist organisations, Saudi and its allies have imposed financial sanctions on Qatar. Qatar has dismissed these allegations. Also, after the imposition of sanctions by Saudi and the Arab nations, Qatar had taken steps to establish cooperation with Russia.

In the month of January, Qatar had announced about its discussions with Russia regarding the purchase of the S-400 system. Saudi had expressed its displeasure on this. The French newspaper has claimed that after five months after this incident, the Saudi King has threatened in writing, about the transaction between Qatar and Russia for the purchase of S-400. The Saudi King has appealed that the French President Macron should make efforts to stop this cooperation between Qatar and Russia. The French newspaper claims to have a copy of this letter written by the Saudi King.

Saudi Arabia and France both have refused to comment on the said news report. Saudi had previously too criticised the negotiations between Russia and Qatar for the purchase of S-400. But the direct threat issued by the Saudi King of a military action has added to the already brewing tensions in the Gulf. In the meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is also negotiating with Russia for the purchase of this air defence system which complicates this issue even further.

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