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US willing to make a ‘real deal’ with Iran, announces President Trump

Kansas City: – President Trump who warned Iran of dire consequences a few hours ago, has softened his stand. President Trump proposed negotiations to Iran saying, ‘ The United States is open to sign a ‘real deal’ with Iran’. However, Trump clarified that the deal signed by the Obama administration was dangerous for the United States and he will not sign a deal of that kind.

 real deal, negotiations, Ayatollah Khamenei, President Trump, withdraw, Iran, United States, Second World WarPresident Trump justified the decision of withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal while speaking at the national convention organised for the Veterans of Foreign Wars during the Second World War. This nuclear deal was dangerous for the United States, criticised President Trump. At the same time, the US President indicated that a new nuclear deal was possible with Iran. Saying that if a new nuclear deal is signed with Iran, it will be realistic and he asserted that no unnecessary concessions would be given to Iran.

Just two days before offering this proposal of a new nuclear deal to Iran, President Trump had issued a stern warning to the country. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei had threatened to stop all the oil supply to the western states that pass through the Persian Gulf if the United States tried to corner Iran through economic sanctions. Agitated by the threat, President Trump had said that Iran will have to face unprecedented consequences, ‘the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before’. The analysts in Europe and the US had said that this threat by the US President was much more severe than all the previous warnings.

Within just two days of the threat, the United States has indicated softening of its stand, by proposing negotiations on a new nuclear deal. Meanwhile, there is only one week remaining in the period given by President Trump to the European countries to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. President Trump may declare fresh sanctions against Iran in the first week of August and seems to have proposed this new deal just before that. If Iran does not accept re-negotiation of the deal, it will have to face such action that Iran would never forget, was the warning that President Trump has issued even in the past.

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