Trump adversaries prepare to control social media, George Soros-funded NGOs take lead

Trump adversaries prepare to control social media, George Soros-funded NGOs take lead

Washington – There is a bitter conflict raging between US President Donald Trump and the US media. A few days ago, more than 300 newspapers published editorials criticising Trump and his policies, all on the same day to demonstrate their unity. Whereas, Trump alleged that the papers were politically motivated. The battle between Trump and his adversaries seems to now have reached the social media. The voluntary organisations funded by the renowned billionaire Investor, George Soros have been exposed to have imposed censorship on social media to stop the alleged Trump and the right-winged groups’ propaganda.

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David Brock, founder of the organisation ‘Media Matters’ had prepared a scheme to block the alleged right-wing propaganda and to control the so-called ‘fake news’. Brock had submitted a detailed report about it in January 2017. Most importantly, the report had proposed to control the social media to block the alleged propaganda of the right-winged groups. The report suggested it was necessary to change the algorithms of the social networking sites so that the ‘fake news’ did not reach the public easily.

The voluntary organisations of ‘American Bridge’, ‘Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington’ (CREW) are also revealed to be involved in this activity along with David Brock’s Media Matters. The 49-page report states in great detail, the need as well as a well-outlined scheme to control the content on the social media, to prevent right-wing leaders like President Trump from carrying out aggressive campaigning during the next year’s Senate elections and the subsequent Presidential elections.

The renowned billionaire Soros, who openly supports the immigrant influx into the United States as well as into Europe, has now been revealed to be generously funding the voluntary organisations. The organisation named the ‘Washington Free Beacon’ has created a sensation by publishing the 49-page report. The news report threatens the reputation of the internet as the most democratic medium while the credibility of the leading social media companies is being questioned. Thus, a renowned social media company’s recent amendments were heavily debated.Brad Parscale, the digital media director responsible for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign has taken the leading social media companies to task.

There is a strong possibility of this dispute festering in the future. Moreover, it would substantiate the allegations of Trump detractors willing to go to any extent to stop him. Signs that the right-wing groups resorting to more aggressive campaigning are evident, following the revelation of the billionaire investor George Soros using the NGO’s he aids to block his opponents’ alleged propaganda on social media.

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