UK plans military deployment of 5,000 troops in ready-state for a ‘No-Deal Brexit’ scenario

UK plans military deployment of 5,000 troops in ready-state for a ‘No-Deal Brexit’ scenario

London: If the Brexit deal fails, 5,000 soldiers ordered to be in a state of readiness, would tackle the aftermath in the wake of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. Plans for “Operation Temperer” have been drawn up by the military three years ago, but Prime Minister Theresa May has indicated its implementation now. A news report published nearly four months ago said that the British police department had confirmed the plans.

No-Deal, military deployment, Theresa May, Brexit, violence, UK, EUThere is widespread uncertainty about the Brexit while a no-confidence motion is highly probable against Prime Minister Theresa May. Nearly 40 Members of the Parliament are said to have proposed a no-confidence motion to the committee. However, Prime Minister May has rebuffed the claims and assured that the Brexit draft proposal would sail through. Nevertheless, considering the current situation, all preparations for the management of any emergency are underway, reported the media.

British Defence Secretary has confirmed the military deployment but clarified that they had been ordered for a ‘standby’. He also explained that the military would assist the local police and the security agencies to maintain law and order in the state. About 1,200 British soldiers are reportedly in a state of readiness, round the clock. Moreover, an additional 10,000 soldiers could be deployed on an immediate basis in a likely state of emergency, informed sources.

As per the agreement reached upon between the UK and the EU, the former is scheduled for an exit from the EU in the next six months, which is to say in the month of March 2019. However, there is a great deal of infighting in UK’s political circles regarding the rights and provisions in the Brexit agreement. It has raised serious concerns over whether an amicable deal would be worked out in time.

The ‘National Police Coordination Centre’ of the British police department has prepared a report on the post-Brexit scenario in the United Kingdom which is strongly indicative of a state of anarchy. The exit from the EU is slated for 29th March 2019, and the report bespeaks of large-scale violence, an increase in the incidents of brigandage and crimes, three months before as also after the period.

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