China threatens Taiwan with military action if it demands independence

China threatens Taiwan with military action if it demands independence

Beijing / Taipei – ‘Taiwan should drop its demand for independence and unite with China under the ‘One country, two systems’ approach. However, if Taiwan remains firm being independent, China may consider the alternative of using the military force’, Chinese President Xi Jinping thus issued a stern warning to Taiwan. Nevertheless, Jinping clarified that the warning was not meant entirely for Taiwan, but the United States which is backing Taipei.

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By claiming Taiwan to be an inseparable part of China, the Chinese President objected to the US interference in the Taiwan issue. ‘Taiwan is a part of China’s internal affairs. Interference from any other country in the matter would not be tolerated,’ Jinping declared. At the same time, he suggested that Taiwan should merge with China under the ‘One country, two systems’ approach like Hong Kong.

‘China does not enter into a conflict against its people. Even so, it would not restrict itself from considering the alternative to use military force and reserves the option of taking to all the necessary means’, threatened Jinping. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen had criticised China right before the Chinese President’s threats were issued. Accusing China of taking advantage of Taiwan’s generosity, Tsai had announced that Taiwan was an independent country.

The Chinese President retorted to the announcement by declaring that Taiwan’s demand for independence had reached a dead end and the island could never become independent. Jinping warned Taiwan saying, ‘If the United States continues to aid Taiwan to boost Taiwan’s military preparedness despite China’s warnings, it will retaliate against the US’.

Meanwhile, the United States has increased the military aid to Taiwan over the last few months and has strengthened diplomatic cooperation with the Tsai government. Moreover, it is evident from Jinping’s statements that China is becoming increasingly restless because of the growing collaboration between the United States and Taiwan.

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