Russia launches intense missile attacks in central and western Ukraine

including Donbas

Russia launches intense missile attacks in central and western Ukraine

Moscow / Mariupol – Russia launched heavy missile attacks in central and western Ukraine, including the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine. The missiles include a foreign arsenal in Ukraine and railway stations, power stations, and Ukrainian military locations. At the same time, thermobaric weapons have been used by Russia in the Azovstal factory area in Mariupol. Meanwhile, sources informed that Russia conducted an exercise for nuclear strikes at the Kaliningrad defence base. 

पश्‍चिमी यूक्रैनRussian Defence Forces have become more aggressive since launching the second action phase on Ukraine. The intensity and scope of the attacks being conducted on Ukraine have increased to a great extent. The emphasis is on missile strikes, and Calibre missiles are used on a large scale. The range of these supersonic cruise missile types of missiles is up to 4,500 kilometres. These missiles, capable of striking warships, submarines and aircraft, had previously been used extensively in the Syrian war. 

Caliber was used by the Russian Defence Forces while launching the campaign in Ukraine. However, it has surfaced in the last few days that the Russian navy’s caliber missile strikes are becoming more effective. It has emerged that the Russian navy and air force have fired more than 30 caliber missiles since Tuesday. The attacks include central and western Ukraine, with Ukrainian military bases in the Donbass region. Missile attacks have been launched on the Lviv city in west Ukraine. The city’s railway stations and power supply centres were targeted. 

Heavy missile attacks were launched on the Popasna and Kramatorsk cities in the Donbass region. It is said that 15 people have been injured in an attack in the southern Ukrainian province of Mykolaiv. The Russian military intensified its attacks on Ukraine, and killed at least 600 Ukrainian soldiers in the artillery firing, informed Russia’s Defence Ministry. Ukrainian army fuel depots, as well as arsenals, were targeted. Ukraine has also claimed that Russia had launched an attack on the premises of the Azovstal factory in Mariupol. Russia is said to have used thermobaric weapons in the attacks. 

Meanwhile, it has surfaced that there was an incident of a Russian military helicopter intruding into the Finland limits on Wednesday. It is said that Russian helicopters have travelled two to three miles into the limits of Finland. Finland has indicated joining NATO. Russia had warned Finland to be prepared for the consequences. Against this backdrop, the movements of Russian helicopters become noteworthy.

US agencies involved in the killing of Russian military officials 

पश्‍चिमी यूक्रैनWashington / Moscow – In the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Ukraine claims to have killed more than ten senior Russian military officials. Information has surfaced that there is a hand of the US agencies behind the killing of these Russian officials. It was revealed that US agencies provided Ukraine with accurate information on the movements of Russian officials during the conflict. The leading US daily published the news in this regard. 

Nearly 12 senior Russian military officials have been killed in the more than two-month conflict. These include officials from Major to General rank. The officers have been killed in attacks in eastern Ukraine and near Kyiv and Mariupol. It has been revealed that US intelligence has constantly provided information to accurately target Russian officials in Ukraine. The New York Times quoted senior US officials saying this. 

Russia said it was aware of these activities of the US. However, the US National Security Council has denied the claims.

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