Russia launches heavy drone attacks on Ukrainian capital Kyiv 

Russia launches heavy drone attacks on Ukrainian capital Kyiv 

Moscow: Russia has launched heavy drone attacks on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. It has not launched such fierce attacks since the conflict in Ukraine began. Russia appears to have carried out the drone strike in response to Ukraine’s attacks on Russian territory. Ukraine has said Russia used Iranian-supplied Shahed drones for this purpose. It is claimed that 40 of the 54 drones shot down were targeting the capital, Kyiv. Ukrainian military officials also claimed that Ukraine’s air defence system intercepted 52 out of 54 drones.  

capital KyivRussian troops have advanced in Bakhmut and other parts of the Ukrainian territory. After the retreat in Bakhmut, there are reports that Ukraine is heavily preparing for a counteroffensive. Western countries are indicating that a massive session of Ukrainian counteroffensives will soon begin, and Russia will have to withdraw from the previously occupied territory. At the same time, some have claimed that the Ukrainian military is still not ready for a counterattack. Therefore, there are indications that the counterattacks of the Ukrainian Army will depend on the military cooperation and participation of the US and NATO. Even Russia has realized this. That is why Russia seems to have targeted the capital, Kyiv, to make Ukraine aware of the consequences. The drone attacks on Kyiv seem to be steps Russia took ahead of its Ukrainian counteroffensive. While these moves are underway at the military level, Russian diplomats sternly warn the West about its involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. The military assistance to Ukraine from NATO countries, and among them specifically from the UK, will escalate the conflict, Russia’s ambassador to the UK, Andrei Kelin, has warned.  

Even after more than a year into the Ukraine conflict, Russia has yet to begin truly using its vast resources, Ambassador Andrei Kelin said, as he warned of how Russia could dramatically escalate the conflict in Ukraine. Furthermore, Ambassador Kellyn indicated through his suggestive statements that the UK would also suffer the consequences. The Russian ambassador pointed out that if the West provides more weapons to Ukraine, the conflict will become wider, and its effects will be dire.  

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov threatened the US. ‘The US had announced to supply F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. Some sensible people are aware that this would have dire consequences. But everything is being done by Washington, London and US agents in the European Union. It is all part of a plot to colonize Russia. But in doing so, the Western countries are playing with fire,’ the Russian Foreign Minister warned.  

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Russia signed an agreement to deploy its nuclear weapons in Belarus. President Lukashenko stated that these nuclear weapons are being deployed in Belarus. There was a severe reaction from the US President over it, but Russia has declared that it will not pay any heed to it. It indeed makes the conflict in Ukraine appear to be speeding towards destruction.  

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