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India decides to stop their share of water from flowing into Pakistan in aftermath of Pulwama terror attack

New Delhi – India has taken an unprecedented decision to withhold the waters of the rivers flowing from India into Pakistan, a decision which was not made even during the previous wars. The waters of the rivers would be diverted into the River Yamuna, Indian Water Resources Minister Nitin Gadkari announced. India has taken an aggressive stand and decided to teach Pakistan a lesson by scrapping the ‘Indus Water Treaty’ signed between India and Pakistan in 1960. Previously, Pakistan had threatened India that if they did initiate such action, it would be considered a declaration of war.

While addressing a rally in Bhagpat, India’s Water Resources Minister Nitin Gadkari declared that the waters of three rivers flowing from India to Pakistan would be blocked and diverted to the River Yamuna. Thus, it would lead to an increase in the level of Yamuna, said Gadkari as he delivered a major shock to Pakistan. He also indicated that the decision was already in effect by adding that the construction work had begun on the River Ravi at Shahpur-Kandi.

Pakistan will not get a single drop of water, henceforth, Minister of State for Prime Minister’s Office, Jitendra Singh warned. Simultaneously, Singh reminded Pakistan that allowing the additional river water to flow into Pakistan was a part of India’s generosity.

‘The River Ravi is massive and flows through the Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab to Pakistan, which up until now was receiving its water easily. However, that would not be the case henceforth’, Jitendra Singh said indicating that Pakistan would have to pay the price for the Pulwama terror attack.

Even after the wars in 1965, 1971 and the Kargil war in 1999, India had not stopped the flow of the river water to Pakistan. The country had abided by the ‘Indus Water Treaty’ also during the wartimes. Nevertheless, the Indian government has now taken a clear stand against Pakistan, which is fighting an undeclared war with India by carrying out terror attacks. India has decided that Pakistan would not receive the advantage of India’s generosity anymore.

After the 2016 Uri terror attack, India had, for the very first time indicated at reassessing the ‘Indus Water Treaty’. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had warned Pakistan that ‘water and blood cannot flow at the same time’. Furthermore, Sartaj Aziz, then Advisor on Foreign Affairs to Pakistan’s Prime Minister, had warned India in response that any attempt to block Islamabad’s share of water would be considered an act of war. Aziz had even said that Pakistan would approach the United Nations and the International Court of Justice if India violated the Treaty.

‘Nearly 90% of Pakistan’s agriculture depends on the river waters flowing from India. If the waters are stopped, Pakistan would certainly turn into an arid desert, and the Pakistani people would faced starvation’, Pakistani analysts have cautioned. The analysts have warned the Pakistani government that India could, at any moment take the decision and drop a ‘water bomb’ against their country.

Despite the facts, Pakistan has made the mistake of taking India for granted. Therefore, the Pakistani military, which holds the actual reins of power in the country, continued with its policy of bloodshed in India through terror attacks. It is now time for Pakistan to bear its repercussions and with their economy already in shambles, would have to struggle for water as well.


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