UK’s Prince Charles warns world, ‘We have 18 months to save humanity’ at Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London

London: The UK’s Prince Charles, issued a dramatic warning that has struck fear the world over. He said, “We have 18 months to save the world.” If we are unable to keep climate change to survivable levels and to restore nature to the required equilibrium, the survival of humanity is at risk, warned the Prince. He made the statement while addressing the Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference. However, the warning is unrelated to climate change, and the ultimatum is indicative of a different story altogether, debate experts.

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference was held in London at which the Indian External Affairs Minister (EAM), S Jaishakar was also present. Prince Charles issued a stark warning concerning global climate change, which stated that the survival of the entire human race was at risk. “The world has 18 months at hand, during which if the required practicable solutions were not undertaken, we would have to brace for severe consequences,” Prince Charles said.

Prince Charles, while addressing the foreign ministers at the conference, voiced his expectation from the Commonwealth nations saying, “Next year, the African state Rwanda will be hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in capital Kigali. It would be advisable that the representatives and the leaders of all the Commonwealth nations take necessary measures to avert the crisis until then and lead the world by example”. He candidly expressed himself and said that the Commonwealth was uniquely positioned to resolve the crisis and take the lead in the matter.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles caused a sensation as he said that the world only had a year and a half to brave the issue. The warning is believed to be unrelated to climate change and is said to possess an undertone. In reality, through the statement, Prince Charles has forewarned the world on very distinctive matters, and experts believe it was difficult to associate it with climate change. Certain conspiracy theorists have consistently levelled severe accusations against the British Royal Family stating that the family’s stance had always raised suspicion.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is 93 years old, and although she was to remain in the position in future as well, Prince Charles would be handling the charge of critical responsibilities, believe the UK journalists. They say that his participation in significant events since the past few days was indicative of the fact.

Considering the circumstances, the gravity of the dreadful forewarning Prince Charles made on the survival of the human race has deepened.

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