US to deploy 200 ground forces and missile defence systems to Saudi Arabia

Washington: “The United States has stepped up the deployment in Saudi in the wake of the attacks on the oil facilities two weeks ago. The US has also announced the deployment of anti-missile systems for securing oil installations in the Kingdom, which are crucial for civilian, military and critical infrastructure. At the same time, 200 US troops would be sent to Saudi soon”, announced Defence Secretary Mark Esper.

Esper informed that the US was going to send the Patriot missile battery and four radar equipment to Saudi. The new deployment had sparked debates among the US officials in the last few days. The decision was made for the protection of the military and civilian infrastructure of Saudi after US President Trump issued new instructions regarding the oil facilities in the kingdom. Despite that, if it were necessary, we have even prepared to send out two Patriot batteries and a THAAD missile defence system, Esper said.

Along with the systems, 200 ground troops will also be sent to Saudi. It is the third time in the last two months that President Trump announced military deployment for Saudi. The US had sent 500 troops in the previous month and even announced to send another 1000 a few weeks ago. On the other hand, it is the second time the US has sent the Patriot system to the Middle East. Previously, the US had announced sending the system to the region after rocket attacks on the oil vessels of Saudi, UAE and allies.

The US had stated earlier that Iran might launch new strikes on Saudi, and thus the deployment was required for boosting Riyadh’s military defences. On the contrary, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had warned Saudi in a United Nations (UN) address saying they couldn’t buy protection with the US arms arsenal. The Middle East would be much safer if the US arms were not present in the Middle East, he added.

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