243 ISIS terrorists surrender in Afghanistan; Afghan leaders claim it to have broken ISIS backbone

Jalalabad: After Afghanistan military initiated action in the Nangarhar province a few days ago, 243 ISIS terrorists as also nearly 400 of their family members surrendered to the Afghan government. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani claimed it to be the most significant success for the Afghan military. On the other hand, the Taliban expressed relief on it having ended the ISIS domination in the Nangarhar province.

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Since the last few weeks, the Afghan military, with assistance from the US military advisors, had begun isolating the ISIS in the Nangarhar province. The Afghan army obstructed supplies to the ISIS after it gained control over the highways in the region, which has severely affected the terrorist outfit. The ISIS terrorists and their family members started to surrender to the government to break the deadlock.

On Tuesday, the Afghan military informed that 243 ISIS terrorists had surrendered. Furthermore, 600 family members of ISIS have also surrendered, which include 63 women and 107 children, Nangarhar Governor Shah Mahmood Miakhel said. Also, Miakhel asserted that they anticipate around 2,000 ISIS terrorists to surrender.

Moreover, President Abdul Ghani underscored that ‘Everyone believed that Afghanistan would not succeed in the fight against ISIS. Nevertheless, today, we have finished the terrorist organisation.

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