If Iran attacks US citizens and assets, we will target 52 Iranian sites, warns President Trump  

If Iran attacks US citizens and assets, we will target 52 Iranian sites, warns President Trump  

Washington/Baghdad/Tehran – As President Trump threatened Iran, he said, ‘The US policy is clear in case Iran attacks the US and tries to avenge the Qassem Soleimani’s killing. The United States has targeted 52 Iranian locations. The United States will launch crushing attacks on the locations, which even include the sites important to Iranian culture. Also, the US has spent nearly $2 trillion on the advanced weaponry and will not hesitate to use them against Iran.’ Iran has unveiled a red flag on the Jamkaran Mosque. As per Iranian culture, the unfurling of the flag is considered a declaration of a severe and decisive battle. The US President’s threat came in response to the move.  

‘Iran will most certainly avenge Major-General Soleimani’s assassination. Soon we will make the United States realise its mistake,’ the Iranian Supreme Leader warned the US. After that, rocket attacks struck the US airbase and the US embassy in Baghdad on Saturday night. The Katyusha rockets, which are manufactured locally and used by the Iran-backed groups, were fired at the US assets. These groups are thus claimed to have perpetrated the attacks. The United States has not suffered any significant damages in the attacks, although they have taken serious cognisance of the strikes. The US helicopters circled the embassy and military base for a long time after the assault. The situation in the region has thus become very volatile.  

The mortal remains of Major-General Qassem Soleimani were reportedly brought back to Iran. Millions flocked the streets to bid a final farewell to him and chanted slogans strongly denouncing the United States. A red flag was unveiled on the Jamkaran Mosque, considered as one of the most important religious places in Iran. Unfurling the flag is regarded as a declaration of a severe battle. Other mosques in Iran have also raised similar flags. The Khamenei regime has thus warned the US that Iran was ready for war while alerting the Iranian population to be prepared for it. At the same time, angry protestors in Iran burned the Israeli and US flags.  

As Iran prepares for war US, President Trump reprimanded the Islamic Republic in stern words. ‘I would like to suggest to Iran not to make the mistake of attacking the United States,’ President Trump said. Also, he went on to say that ‘If Iran attacked US assets and citizens, we would launch crushing attacks on 52 Iranian locations. The US has already identified the locations. In 1979, extremists took control of the US embassy in Iran and held 52 US diplomats and citizens hostage for 444 days. Keeping in mind the incident, the US has shortlisted 52 locations in Iran.’  

‘The United States has spent nearly $2 trillion on advanced weaponry. We will not hesitate to use these weapons against Iran’, President Trump stated as underscored the consequences of attacking the US once again. The Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif accused the United States of committing a war crime by threatening to attack the cultural sites in the country. The Iranian Foreign Minister added that ‘no matter how agitated it gets, end of US malign presence in West Asia has begun’.  

Effects of the threats exchanged between the United States and Iran are visible on the countries in the region, all of which have started taking immediate measures for their security. All the nations are engaged in preventive measures assuming a war could spark at any moment. The military analysts across the globe forewarn that the entire world would have to suffer the consequences of the battle between Iran and the United States. 

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