‘Five Eyes’ nations blame China for the Coronavirus pandemic

‘Five Eyes’ nations blame China for the Coronavirus pandemic

Washington – International community is taking steady strides to mount pressure on China as it undertakes extensive propaganda to deny being responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic. The ‘Five Eyes’ alliance, an intelligence grouping of the five nations comprising the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, too has pinned the blame for Coronavirus pandemic on China. Amid most of the major countries of the world pointing fingers towards China, demands for a probe into the Coronavirus pandemic have also surfaced from Europe. Thus, the troubles before China are seen as multiplying.

The increasing severity of the problem of Coronavirus is growing by the day. Corresponding to it is the rise in the disapproval for China, the place of origin of the pandemic. Initially, it was only the United States which was targeting China for spreading the disease. However, now, the number of nations holding China responsible for the epidemic and those questioning the Chinese regime over the matter is increasing.

In the last few days, we are seeing news about the demands for reparations to be paid by China for spreading the Coronavirus disease. The demands have come not only from the United States and the United Kingdom but also from a country like Germany, which was one of the countries at the forefront in backing China. This fact points to the increasing international pressure on Beijing.

It is against this background that the surfacing of the news about the report of the intelligence grouping, the ‘Five Eyes’ alliance, is considered vital. The group, established during the times of World War II, includes the United States along with the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The report of the ‘Five Eyes’ alliance alleges that the regime of the Communist Party of China destroyed the evidence of the research conducted on Coronavirus at Wuhan lab. The regime denied giving live samples of the virus to the researchers trying to develop a vaccine against the disease. In the month of January, the Chinese agencies had even denied the possibility of human-to-human transmission. All these details highlight the fact that all of it was a part of a conspiracy knowingly plotted by China.

The report not only blames China but also reprimands the World Health Organization. Expressing resentment, the report points out that way back in December, the WHO was aware of the human-to-human transmission yet continued to support China.

Following the Five Eyes alliance, the European Union, which has backed China for last many years over a range of issues, has also demanded a probe into the Coronavirus pandemic. In an interview, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has expressed the need for an investigation into the Coronavirus pandemic and urged China to join in the same. Stating that we are not sure about the next epidemic and hence it is necessary for us to take lessons from the current one, the President of the European Commission has put forward the demand for an investigation.

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