US border requires troop deployment more than Ukraine: Former US President Donald Trump


Texas – Former President Donald Trump lashed out at President Biden by saying, ‘Everyone in Washington is obsessing over how to protect Ukraine’s border, but the most important border in the world right now for us is not Ukraine’s border, it’s America’s border and we do nothing about it. And before Joe Biden sends any troops to defend the border in Eastern Europe, he should be sending troops to defend our border right here in Texas.’  

 TrumpThe number of illegal immigrants on the US-Mexico border has been growing on a large scale over the past year. Leaders and locals from the province of Mexico border are criticising that the Biden administration is ignoring this infiltration of the immigrants. Thousands of migrants have gone missing, and a warning was issued a few days ago that this has been increasing strain on the US security system. Against this backdrop, former President Trump slammed the Biden administration.  

Trump warned that this infiltration of migrants was a threat cue to US security. ‘Our own president and the Democrats have surrendered our border, and now the entire planet is intruding across it. Before our leaders talk about invasions of other countries, they need to stop the invasion of this country,’ slammed Trump 

Meanwhile, Former US National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg had lashed out that a few hours ago, tensions created in Ukraine are a Europe’s problem and that President Biden should not entangle the United States in this. 

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