75 Boko Haram terrorists killed in a strike carried out by the Niger army

Niamey: 75 militants of the Boko Haram terrorist group were killed in a major operation carried out by the Niger army. The Niger army has shared information that this operation was held in the two countries of Niger and Nigeria. In the past week, the Boko Haram terrorists had attacked the Niger army’s base camp. It is said that this strike by the army is in response to the terrorist attack.

The Niger army carried out these attacks at intervals. On Monday, in the first phase, an attack was carried outside the city of Diffa in Niger, near the Komadougou Yobe river. Twenty-five militants were eliminated in this strike. It has been reported that two soldiers were injured in this conflict.

During the second phase, the army attacked a camp of Boko Haram in Nigeria’s Lake Chad area. The Defense Ministry of Niger has revealed that 50 militants were killed in this attack. The ministry added that air raids were carried out and a massive amount of weaponry of Boko Haram was recovered in the area.

The Nigerian government had claimed that Boko Haram, which was established a decade ago, had been wiped out entirely from the country. However, the increasing influence of Boko Haram in Nigeria’s neighbouring countries is clearly seen in the attack carried out in Niger. Since 2009, 30,000 people have lost their lives and 20 lakh people are displaced in north-eastern Nigeria because of the Boko Haram violence.

Meanwhile, in the last few months, severe violence has erupted in the north-west region of Nigeria between rebel groups. It has led to the displacement of around 23,000 citizens. The United Nations, in its report, has stated that the majority of migrants have fled to Niger. Last year, almost 20,000 Nigerian citizens took shelter in Niger.

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