Growing threat of foreign aggression has increased the importance of North Korea’s cooperation with China

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un


threat, परदेशी आक्रमकांचा धोकाPyongyang/Beijing: – North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un claimed that cooperation with China becomes more important because of the perceived threat of aggressive foreign forces. A Korean news agency reported that this was the statement made by the North Korean dictator in the message sent to China on the completion of six decades of friendship and cooperation with China. The North Korean news agency claimed that even Chinese President Xi Jinping has assured to take the cooperation with North Korea to new heights.

A few days ago, the North Korean dictator had threatened the United States with a nuclear attack. He had also instructed his officials to be prepared for a conflict. It has been revealed that North Korea has increased its nuclear activities since Joe Biden took over as the President of the United States. In March, North Korea tested three missiles. International think tanks had reported that new activities have started in the North Korean nuclear projects.