Tiananmen Square Anniversary: Hong Kongers defy China’s ban on vigil

Tiananmen Square  Anniversary: Hong Kongers  defy China’s  ban on vigil

Hong Kong/Beijing: The Chinese Communist Party’s efforts towards oppression to avoid intervention from the international community on Tiananmen Square, appear to have failed. The US warships sailed through and patrolled the Taiwan Strait on Thursday, the day of commemoration of the Tiananmen Square massacre, and sent across the message that the US was not going to pay heed to the Chinese threats. At the same time, the people of Hong Kong took to the streets in large numbers for commemorating the Tiananmen Square massacre posing an open challenge to the Communist regime. The Tiananmen Square vigil against the regime, which tried to take full control of Hong Kong by introducing the new security law, has drawn the attention of the entire globe.  

तिआनमिन, चीन, हॉंगकॉंगFor the past few years, the US and China have been locked in conflict over trade, economy and politics. Both nations have not let pass a single opportunity to target the other. Moreover, the latest brawl over the Coronavirus outbreak is believed to have taken them to the brink of a New Cold War. The US President, Donald Trump, as well as others from the Trump Administration, have been consistently adding pressure on the Communist regime. Only a few days ago, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had reprimanded China over Hong Kong and the ban on the Tiananmen Square vigil.  

Tiananmen Square is an extremely sensitive issue for the Chinese Communist regime. On June 4, 1989, the Chinese regime used military force on young pro-democracy protesters and caused a brutal massacre. Thousands died in the incident. The Chinese Communist Party, however, used its enormous political and military strength and erased not just the information on the protests or the massacre but the series of events from history on the entire movement. Even today, any discussion on the brutal Tiananmen Square crackdown is completely banned in China.   

तिआनमिन, चीन, हॉंगकॉंगNevertheless, Hong Kong has been commemorating the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre until last year on a large scale. Despite the restrictions imposed by Hong Kong’s pro-China administration, Hong Kongers have been observing the vigil by showing up in large numbers. The Hong Kong defiance and US warship patrol thus assume significance. The US Navy informed that the USS Russell, part of the US’ Pacific Fleet, sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Thursday. Previously, China had opened a barrage of criticism against the US over Tiananmen Square as well as the US support to Taiwan. However, the US maintained its position on the two matters showing disregard towards the criticism. Also, the US is believed to have sent a stern message to China by sailing its warship through the Taiwan Strait on the commemoration day of the Tiananmen Square massacre.  

तिआनमिन, चीन, हॉंगकॉंगOn the other hand, even Hong Kong displayed its resolve against the Chinese Communist regime by observing the Tiananmen Square vigil. Hong Kong’s pro-CHina administration had banned the Tiananmen Square vigil on its anniversary to its people under the pretext of health risk due to the Coronavirus. For the last two decades, the people of Hong Kong have been pouring in on the streets for commemorating the Tiananmen Square massacre. This year, the administration deployed the security forces in large numbers as it denied permission for the vigil. Yet, thousands of Hong Kongers arrived at Victoria Park on Thursday with mobiles, candles and Tiananmen Square banners defying the pressure.   

On the sidelines of China’s attempt to consolidate its hold over Hong Kong with the new security law and threat to deploy the military, the defiance of Hong Kongers is a massive blow to Chinese Communist regime. As a result, the confidence of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activists has grown tremendously and may cause significant repercussions in the near future.  

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