China issues new threat to US over US-Taiwan defence cooperation   

Beijing: Snubbing China’s One China Policy, the US has announced it would provide Taiwan 135 air-to-surface missiles. The missiles can be fired from fighter jets and hit targets on China’s coastal areas. Being outraged, China threatened the US, which has supplied it with weapons. China said that ‘The US is instigating the separatist groups asking for independence in Taiwan against China by supplying them with the missiles. We will take steps necessary for our security against the US-Taiwan cooperation’. Only a few days ago, China deployed its S-400 missiles and hypersonic missiles, aimed at Taiwan for an invasion.

A former military official has asserted China was only a step away from war with Taiwan. Recently, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has been consistently carrying out drills and even released videos and photographs of it. The state-run media has claimed the drills were simulations for launching an attack on Taiwan. Just last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping had visited military bases and instructed his troops to ‘prepare for war’. Next, China was found to have deployed DF-17 hypersonic missiles and S-400 advanced air defence system in areas close to Taiwanese borders. Also, J-20 stealth planes, which are part of 20 air force brigades, and ten units of Marine Corps at military bases located close to Taiwanese territories.

A few hours after China’s military movements near Taiwan, the US announced the sale of 135 missiles to Taiwan. Taiwan asserts the missiles being supplied under the $1.8 billion deal, will step up its defence preparedness. The missiles can travel up to 300 km and target provinces as far as Fujiang and Guangdong. Moreover, Taiwanese Defence Minister Yen Te-fa explained the country was not seeking an arms race with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) but putting forward requirements and building entirely in accordance with the strategic concept of heavy deterrence, defending its position and defensive needs.

Nevertheless, the cooperation has angered China, and its Foreign Ministry accused the US of violating the deal it made with Beijing in the 1970s. Also, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijiang slammed the US for giving wrong indications to separatist groups demanding Taiwan’s independence, calling the island an inseparable part of its country. Lijian said US-China bilateral relations had worsened due to the cooperation with Taiwan. He went on to warn that China would soon act against the US decision and retaliate to it.

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