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China’s ambitions will cause next 9/11 to occur in space, US analyst Gordan Chang warns

Washington/Beijing: US analyst Gordon Chang has issued a sensational warning as he said, ‘China is trying to take control of the moon. If the United States does not take action to protect its resources in space, ambitious China will cause the next 9/11 to take place in space and Americans will be its victims.’ Reports suggest that US President-elect Joe Biden’s close aides advised him to seek space cooperation with China. Considering the events, analyst Gordon Chang underscored China’s space ambitions and compared them directly to the 9/11 attacks.   

According to a report on Politico, a leading US website, close aides of President-elect Joe Biden advised him to take the initiative for a limited space partnership with China. A severe reaction has emerged over the report from the US. In an interview with a news channel, Chang condemned the proposal. Also, Chang highlighted that ‘During the tenure of former US President Barack Obama, US space policy was unwise. At the time, the US allowed China to surpass it, and we fell behind. The officials, who served during the same period, are now advising the newly appointed president on China.’  

US analyst Chang slammed Biden’s advisors and said, ‘On paper, the prospect of establishing cooperation with China in space seems quite nice. However, at the same time, let’s not forget that China is squandering billions of US dollars. What is most concerning is that its military handles China’s space program. Therefore, the US’s cooperation will ultimately benefit the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Based on the capabilities it acquires from the cooperation, China’s military will eliminate US civilians. So, you can now understand how dangerous the proposal put forth by Biden’s advisors is.’  

US analyst Chang asserted that ‘The US was ahead of China in space when Obama took office. Therefore, he did not make much of an effort to maintain the US lead by turning a blind eye to China.’ However, taking advantage of the situation, China and Russia began militarization of space and equipping themselves with advanced weapons for space warfare, the analyst alleged. Moreover, he suggested that ‘China has landed on the moon and is taking steps to dominate the moon, both commercially and militarily. The US must thus act swiftly to protect its resources.’   

Analyst Chang claimed that the US could gain a foothold on the moon without China’s help. If that doesn’t happen, ambitious China could launch a devastating 9/11 attack in space for attaining superiority, which will claim the lives of Americans, Chang warned. In a warning only a few days ago, General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that the next Pearl Harbour could occur in space. After that, by comparing a possible space attack to 9/11, US analyst Gordon Chang has signalled the future space wars are likely to intensify increasingly.  

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