Hezbollah fears US and Israel may strike it along with Iran as Trump’s term nears end

London: Hezbollah leaders and members in Lebanon’s Beirut are watching the clock and the skies. The terrorist organisation is convinced that the US and Israel will strike before US President Donald Trump’s term ends. Therefore, senior Hezbollah leaders and members are keeping an eye on the sky and clock, waiting for Trump’s term to expire.  

हल्ले, दबाव, गार्डियन, कुद्स फोर्सेस, हिजबुल्लाह, निर्बंध, अमेरिका, इस्रायल, इराण, अणुशास्त्रज्ञ, TWW, Third World WarHezbollah leaders expressed their fear during an interview with the British daily ‘The Guardian’. A Hezbollah leader admitted that the US sanctions had mounted pressure on them as he stated, ‘In less than four weeks, President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in. Once Biden comes to power, he will sign a nuclear deal with Iran and lift the sanctions over it resultantly easing the pressure on us.  

Two senior Hezbollah commanders expressed fear that until Biden assumes office, the Trump administration and Israel, could join hands and cause significant damage to Iran and Hezbollah. Over the past month, the frequency of flights by Israeli warplanes over Lebanon and more specifically, capital Beirut has increased. Thereby, the security on Hezbollah bases was tightened, the Hezbollah commanders told the Guardian. A Hezbollah commander has drawn attention to the US and Israeli action this year as he said, ‘Trump wants to finish what he started before he leaves the White House.’  

Earlier this year, the US carried out a drone strike in Iraq and killed Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s Quds Force, as well as Mohandis, leader of Iranian-linked terrorist Kataib Hezbollah group in Iraq. Also, later this year, nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed near the Iranian capital, Tehran. A Hezbollah leader said that now, the US and Israel could target our leader Hassan Nasrallah although he is being kept under high security.  

हल्ले, दबाव, गार्डियन, कुद्स फोर्सेस, हिजबुल्लाह, निर्बंध, अमेरिका, इस्रायल, इराण, अणुशास्त्रज्ञ, TWW, Third World WarIn the interview, the Hezbollah commander issued a warning and said, ‘We are not afraid of death, but we want to protect our leaders from US and Israeli attacks. Because if something happens to them, it will be a great loss for us. These are dangerous times, and Trump is crazy. He doesn’t have patience and the time. The Israelis think they’re coming for us, but we’re the ones coming for them first.’  

Hezbollah commanders did not reveal where Nasrallah was located. Nevertheless, after Fakhrizadeh’s assassination, Nasrallah was allegedly removed from his ‘safe house’ in Beirut and moved to Tehran. Hezbollah, meanwhile, has refrained from making provocative statements against Israel following the killing of Fakhrizadeh last month.  

There were also reports of the Hezbollah leader being in hiding due to fears of an Israeli attack. Given the claims made by Hezbollah commanders to the Guardian, the terrorist outfit, which has been making significant allegations against Israel, currently appears engaged in securing its leaders from possible Israeli attacks. 

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