China intensifies ‘Grey Zone Warfare’ against Taiwan 

93 Chinese aircraft invade Taiwan's airspace within 72 hours 

China intensifies ‘Grey Zone Warfare’ against Taiwan 

Taipei / Beijing – China has intensified its ‘Grey Zone Warfare’ against the backdrop of Taiwan getting growing support from the international community and Taiwan’s actions to level up its defence readiness. It has been apparent that in the last 72 hours, 93 Chinese aircraft intruded Taiwan’s airspace. This is China’s largest intrusion in a row. The United States has taken a serious note of the ongoing Chinese actions against Taiwan. United States Deputy Secretary of Defense, Kathleen Hicks, warned that the US has a ‘significant amount of capability to tamp down any potential invasion of Taiwan from China.  

‘ग्रे झोन वॉरफेअर’चीFriday marked the 72nd Foundation Day of the ruling Communist Party of China. Against this background, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China appears to have increased the extent of its ‘Grey Zone Warfare’ to increase pressure on Taiwan. On Friday, 25 planes of the PLA intruded Taiwanese Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) in the morning while 13 planes intruded in the evening. Later it revealed that as many as 39 PLA planes infiltrated on Saturday.  

That included 20 warplanes in the morning and 19 in the evening, according to Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense. On Saturday, these included Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft (2) (Y-8ASW*2), J-16 fighter jets (26) (J-16*26), SU-30 jets (10) (SU-30*10) and KJ-500 early warning aircraft (KJ-500 AEW&C). Besides, the Taiwanese government has reported movements of Chinese research ships near Orchid Island.  

On Sunday morning, October 3, consecutively for the third day, there was an incursion of 16 PLA planes into Taiwan’s ADIZ, according to the Ministry of Defense. These included Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft (2) (Y-8ASW*2), J-16 fighter jets (8) (J-16*8), SU-30 jets (4) (SU-30*4) and KJ-500 early warning aircraft (2) (KJ-500 AEW&C*2). Following the morning incursion, there may be an evening Chinese aircraft incursion too. Therefore, it prompts an increase in the number of Chinese aircraft incursions into the Taiwanese airspace.   

‘ग्रे झोन वॉरफेअर’चीIn the next 72 hours since Friday, as many as 93 Chinese warplanes have infiltrated Taiwan’s ADIZ. It has surfaced that the planes infiltrating in the morning and evening were from different military units. Analysts in Taiwan claim that through these intrusions, China has demonstrated its ‘Joint Combat Capability’. The United States has also taken serious note of the Chinese moves near Taiwan.  

‘The US Ministry of Defense is monitoring the ongoing developments in the Taiwanese maritime boundaries. US Ministry of Defense has taken serious note of the issue of the possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan. The US has a significant amount of capability of stopping China from carrying out such an operation, using its military might,’ warned Kathleen Hicks, US Deputy Secretary of Defense. US State Department spokesman, Ned Price, reacted to the infiltration of Chinese aircraft and condemned Chinese activities as being provocative and destabilizing. 

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