US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz will remain in Persian Gulf: US Defence Secretary Christopher Miller  

US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz will remain in Persian Gulf: US Defence Secretary Christopher Miller  

Washington: After Iranian leaders issued threats, Acting US Defence Secretary Christopher Miller announced that aircraft carrier USS Nimitz would remain deployed in the Persian Gulf with other warships. The US has deployed nuclear submarines and nuclear-capable bombers in the region in the past month and a half. Next, by sending aircraft carriers to the Persian Gulf, the US appears to have prepared to materialise its threats to Iran.  

The enormous USS Nimitz, a US Navy aircraft carrier, has been in the Gulf of Oman since July. The USS Nimitz then participated in a naval exercise with India in the Indian Ocean. Last week, US Defence Secretary, who was on a visit to Somalia at the time, had issued orders for the ship’s return to its homeland. This would have meant the US Central Command (CENTCOM) in the Middle East, would operate in the region without an aircraft carrier for the first time in six months.  

However, in the past two days, Iranian threats to the US and its allies have intensified. Iran accuses the US drone strike that killed Qassem Soleimani a year ago of being a terrorist attack. At the same time, Iran went on to say that every person involved in the act would have to bear its consequences and threatened that even US President Trump was not safe. Quds Force chief asserted that US citizens would seek revenge against President Trump.  

On the other hand, military movements have also escalated in the Iranian waters. Due to Iran’s threats, US President Trump has instructed aircraft carrier, USS Nimitz, to maintain its position in the Persian Gulf, US Defence Secretary Miller stated. The Defence Secretary further said, no one should doubt the US commitment towards the Middle Eastern region. Besides, an amphibious warship and two destroyers are also deployed along with the US aircraft carrier.  

As current US President Donald Trump continues with a harsh policy towards Iran, President-elect Joe Biden also indicated that he would not be easing it. In an interview to a news channel, Jake Sullivan, Joe Biden’s pick as National Security Advisor, has raised objections against Iranian nuclear program. Sullivan said if Biden renews the nuclear deal, the US will hold discussions on curbing Iranian nuclear weapons development, where regional nations would also be invited to participate. 

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