Current geopolitical tensions like before-World War II: Russian President Putin

Current geopolitical tensions like before-World War II: Russian President Putin

Moscow: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has warned that ‘The situation before the outbreak of World War II in the 1930s and the current situation is very similar. Failure to resolve the problems during this time had resulted in the eruption of World War II. If such a hot global conflict sparks off in the present, the world I fear may have to face near destruction. Growing economic inequality, political extremity and international tensions could spark an uncontrollable conflict.’ Simultaneously, the Russian president criticized technology giants, saying that these big companies posed a challenge to the national governments appointed by the people. 

1930s, दुसरे महायुद्ध, संघर्ष, व्लादिमिर पुतिन, राष्ट्राध्यक्ष, सहकार्य, रशिया, राष्ट्राध्यक्ष ट्रम्प, TWW, Third World WarAfter more than a decade, the Russian president addressed a World Economic Forum meeting in Davos. During the virtual meeting, Putin tried to make the world realize that it was on the verge of a catastrophic conflict. President Putin stated that ‘World War II erupted in the 1930’s when international problems remained unresolved. There is a great resemblance between the situation at that time and now. Therefore, we cannot sit back and watch.’ The Russian president expressed concerns over the situation and said, ‘International institutions are weakening, regional conflicts are multiplying, and global security is degrading.’ 

Vladimir Putin has thereby warned that the situation, in all probability, could lead to an international conflict and destruction of all humanity. ‘To prevent that, it is necessary to increase dialogue and cooperation at the international level. The decision the United States and Russia have taken, to extend the New START treaty, is a positive step in that direction,’ Putin said.  

In his speech, Putin slammed the technology giants. ‘The companies have started clashing with and de facto competing with the people-elected governments. Where’s the line between a successful global business with popular services that try to rudely and at their discretion control society, replace legitimate democratic institutions and restrict the person’s natural right to decide how to live, what to choose and what viewpoints to express freely,’ the Russian president warned. 

To prove his point, Putin made a suggestive statement and said, ‘We all know what happened in the United States.’ Leading US technology and social media companies had already taken a stand against former President Trump. They were accused of taking a partisan stance against Trump. Some claim that this is what led to Trump’s defeat. Without directly mentioning it, the Russian president referred to it during his address. 

Some news outlets have also claimed that the Russian president’s statements express resentment towards the protests, currently ongoing against the Russian president, which are receiving special publicity. Meanwhile, President Putin has also warned against unilateral economic sanctions being imposed on Russia by some countries. Putin has warned that ‘the use of trade barriers, illegitimate sanctions, financial, technological and information restrictions is a game without rules that critically increases the risks of unilateral use of military force. There’s the danger.’ 

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