Israeli PM slams US Vice President Kamala Harris; says Israel committed to preventing Iran from becoming nuclear-armed

Israeli PM slams US Vice President Kamala Harris; says Israel committed to preventing Iran from becoming nuclear-armed

Washington/Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a telephone conversation with US Vice President Kamala Harris. Both countries have provided dissimilar details about the discussion. According to Vice President Harris’ office, the United States is cooperating with Israel with regard to Iran’s nuclear program. During the talks, Prime Minister Netanyahu warned, ‘Israel will not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon under any circumstances.’  

The International Criminal Court (ICC) announced two days ago that it would investigate war crimes against Israel. Israel has expressed outrage at the decision, saying the ICC’s announcement was politically motivated. In the wake of the events, the United States had reported that Vice President Kamala Harris called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. At the time, the two leaders discussed Iran’s nuclear program, coronavirus vaccination drive in Israel and the ICC’s announcement. However, there appears to be a significant discrepancy between the information released by Harris’ office and the Israeli government about the discussion.  

The United States stated it will continue to cooperate with Israel on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program. Harris’ office also said the leaders discussed Iran’s subversive activities in the region. Nevertheless, the Israeli government has made clear that Prime Minister Netanyahu took a tougher stance on Iran during the talks. Netanyahu slammed the United States during the talks and said, ‘Iran is developing nuclear weapons to destroy Israel. Therefore, Israel is committed to preventing Iran from becoming nuclear-armed under any circumstances.’  


Earlier in February, US President Joe Biden had spoken to the Israeli prime minister over a phone call. Biden had called the Israeli prime minister almost three weeks after he was sworn in as president. The Biden administration has also not responded to Israel’s call for the United States not to renew its 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. Besides, Israel was not mentioned in the foreign policy priorities announced by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken a few days ago. The international media had thus claimed that the Biden administration was delivering a blow to Israel, which has been an ally of the United States at one point in time.  

Meanwhile, Israel has hinted that it was updating its plan to attack Iran’s nuclear program only a few hours ago. Simultaneously, Israel announced the possibility of special security arrangement with Arab countries against Iran’s threat. After that, US Vice President Harris appears to have made the phone call to the Israeli prime minister. 

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