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During US-Israel-Russia trilateral Jerusalem Summit, the three nations concur on Syria but disagree on Iran

Jerusalem: The tripartite summit between the National Security Advisors of the United States, Israel and Russia, that was keenly followed by world media and analysts, is believed to have been successful. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that all the three concurred on the issue of establishing peace, stability and security, in war-torn Syria. At the same time, Russia supported the Israeli stand on not having the presence of any foreign soldier on the Syrian soil. However, the differences over Iran, between Russia and the US-Israel, remained and were evident after the meeting.

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While the activities in the Middle East are gaining momentum, the trilateral summit of the National Security Advisors of the United States, Israel and Russia were held in Israeli capital Jerusalem. National Security Advisors John Bolton of the United States, Meir Ben-Shabbat of Israel and Nikolai Petrushev of Russia, deliberated on certain essential matters. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu played a crucial role in the meeting. Furthermore, the United States and Russia accepted Israel’s stand on Syria. Russian NSA Petrushev said that all the three nations shared the same objective on the issues concerning  Syrian sovereignty and independence.

The US National Security Advisor said that positive decisions were made to ensure Syria was not used as a battlefield and a base to attack Israel. Nevertheless, differences persist between US-Israel and Russia, over Iran, the Russian media claimed.

The Russian National Security Advisor assured that there was no threat from Iran to the Middle East. Albeit, the US and Israeli National Security Advisors raised the issues over the Iranian bases in Syria posing a threat to Israel’s security as also the activities of the Islamic Republic in the Middle East threatening the Arab allies.

Dmitry Peskov, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Press Secretary, stated he had discussed with Bolton on the upcoming G-20 summit, to be held in the Japanese city of Osaka. Also, Peskov clarified that the talks between President Trump and President Putin during the G-20 summit would include the issues addressed in the Jerusalem meeting.

Even though the United States and Israel consistently underscored the threat from Iran, Russia warned of dire consequences if military action was initiated against Tehran. What’s more, China has adopted a stand similar to Russia by supporting Iran as well.

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