Israel can completely destroy Iran’s nuclear program, a senior Israeli official warns  

Israel can completely destroy Iran’s nuclear program, a senior Israeli official warns  

Tel Aviv: Major General Tal Kalman, who heads the Israel Defense Force’s (IDF) Iran Directorate, has issued a severe warning as he said, “Israel can launch an attack and completely destroy Iran’s nuclear program. As we are acquiring the ability, Israel is also prepared to put it to actual use.” Maj. Gen. Kalman claimed that Israel’s security was threatened by Iran-backed terrorist groups in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza, along with nuclear-armed Iran. Besides, the General clearly stated that Israel always had the option of using military action against the threats.   

Israel had formed the Strategy and Third-Circle Directorate last year to address Iranian and strategic threats. Major General Tal Kalman has been tasked with the responsibility of the department. The Major General chalked out the plan to target Iran’s nuclear program in coordination with the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the intelligence agency ‘Mossad’ and the Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC). Depending on the regional situation, the plan is amended from time to time and presented to the Israeli leadership, Kalman said in an interview with an Israeli news agency.  

Maj Gen Kalman explained that “There are four aspects to consider while devising a plan for Iran. The significance of the hardline Iranian regime has to be taken into consideration. As long as the hardline regime exists in Iran, there will be a permanent threat to Israel’s security. Then, we have to consider Iran’s nuclear program, its military capabilities, and, finally, Iran’s widespread influence in the region.”  

Major General Kalman stated that Israel had expected Iran’s regime to collapse in the face of sanctions imposed by then-US President Donald Trump, but that did not happen. The senior Israeli official asserted that Israel had the capability and readiness to destroy Iran’s nuclear program. However, Israel is aware that the threat Iran poses to the country is far greater, Maj Gen Kalman said.  

“It will not suffice to count the tanks, artillery, long-range missiles, rockets and drones while considering Iran’s military capabilities. Its capabilities, which pose a threat to Israel’s security, are not limited to its borders and has reached the Israeli border. Iran’s missiles, rockets and troops have reached Syria and Lebanon, and its military capabilities may reach the Gaza Strip in the near future,” Maj Gen Kalman warned. Notably, the Maj Gen cautioned that even if it were so, Israel has always had the option of taking military action against the security threat.  

“Israel has been successful in preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons for the past 30 years. But if Iran becomes nuclear-armed in the near future, it will spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Moreover, Israel’s neighbours like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Turkey, which are economically powerful, will also step into the competition for nuclear arms development,” Kalman underscored. 

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