Chinese decisions against Australia is part of revenge, accuses Australian Ambassador

Canberra/Beijing: – Australian Ambassador to China, Graham Fletcher, made a crushing allegation, ‘The sanctions imposed on Australian products and the campaign in this regard is only a part of Chinese act of vengeance.’ Ambassador Fletcher lashed out at China, saying that the Chinese decisions clearly reveal that Australia cannot trust China as a trading partner. Over the last year, China has imposed taxes on barley, coal, and timber imported from Australia. A few days ago, China announced that the economic agreement with Australia has been indefinitely postponed. Against this background, the allegations made by the Australian Ambassador seem to be indicators of the aggressive Australian stand.

Ambassador Fletcher presented his stand during the meeting of the Australia-China Business Council. The Australian Ambassador said, ‘China does not realise the losses incurred by China on the international level along with Australia. Following the successive sanctions imposed by China, like a punishment, Australia has received messages expressing sympathy and offering cooperation from several countries. At the same time, the outlook of the international community regarding China is becoming harsher.’

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