The 11-day conflict with Israel was but a drill for what is to come next: Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar 

The 11-day conflict with Israel was but a drill for what is to come next: Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar 

Gaza: Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar has issued a warning and said, ‘The 11-day conflict Hamas had initiated with Israel was not a war but a drill for what is to come next.’ Also, Hamas has the capability to fire hundreds of rockets at a range of 100 to 200 kilometres in one minute, but we have not used it as yet, Sinwar claimed. He went on to threaten that Hamas had tens of thousands of Hamas suicide bombers ready in Israel.  

याह्या सिन्वर, 11-day conflictIsrael and Hamas have reached a ceasefire in Gaza. Israel has now opened the Gaza border for humanitarian assistance. Also, international support has begun to arrive for Gaza. Under such circumstances, the terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad held a large rally in the Gaza Strip and declared their victory in the conflict with Israel. However, the rally organised by Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in Gaza has drawn international criticism.  

At the event, Sinwar indicated that a major war with Israel would break out in the near future. ‘Hamas had prepared to launch 300 rocket attacks on Israeli cities just hours before the ceasefire took effect. Of these, 150 rockets were to be fired at Tel Aviv alone. But we did not launch the rocket attacks as a sign of respect towards Egypt and Qatar, which are working for a ceasefire,’ Sinwar asserted. ‘Although we have reached an unconditional ceasefire with Israel, no written agreement has been signed. Therefore, a war could spark off at any moment,’ the Hamas leader threatened.  

याह्या सिन्वर, 11-day conflictThe conflict with Israel was an exercise for the war to come, said Sinwar as he declared that Hamas had thousands of rockets to target Israel. ‘We have a lot of funding for the fight against Israel. Also, we have received the biggest support from Iran,’ Sinwar claimed. The Hamas leader further said that his supporters from the Arab-Islamic countries and around the world had provided significant financial support.  

The Hamas leader asserted that Hamas had not suffered any casualties in Israel’s attacks. Hamas has built a 500-kilometre network of tunnels in the Gaza Strip. Sinwar stated that Israel’s airstrikes had destroyed only five per cent of the network and that Hamas had lost only 80 fighters in the attacks. However, the Israeli military has informed that 225 Hamas militants were killed in the air raids.  

Sinwar’s strong and provocative remarks indicate that despite the current ceasefire, the conflict between Israel and Hamas could erupt at any moment. The Biden administration of the United States sure used its influence to bring about a truce. Nevertheless, Hamas leaders have sent a message to the world that the ceasefire will not last for long. 

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