At least 60 killed in deadly massacre by militants in DR Congo 

At least 60 killed in deadly massacre by militants in DR Congo 

Kinshasa: At least 60 people have been killed in a deadly terrorist attack in Africa’s DR Congo. According to local sources, the killings took place in two villages in Ituri province, near the Ugandan border. It is the second massacre by the IS-affiliated terrorist group ADF in the last ten days. Earlier, 33 people were killed in an attack near the town of Beni. 

The statement the United Nations issued on Monday informed on the killings. On Sunday night, ADF militants carried out a series of attacks in the villages of Tchabi and Boga. At least 24 people died in the attacks in Tchabi. On the other hand, 36 people have been killed in an attack on a refugee camp in Boga. The United Nations has said that homes in both villages were set on fire, and several people had been abducted. 

हत्याकांडात, DR CongoLocal sources call it the deadliest massacre in Eastern Congo in the last four years. The terrorist group ADF and other militant groups have begun to target DR Congo on a large scale in the past two years. In the first five months of this year alone, around 80 attacks were carried out in DR Congo, killing nearly 600 people. 

हत्याकांडात, DR CongoThe local army and Uganda had launched an extensive operation against the ADF and other groups. However, after the operations, militant groups became aggressive again, and security forces appear to be failing in stopping the attacks. As a result, martial law was also enforced in Ituri and Kivu provinces a few days ago. Even then, significant attacks are reportedly still being carried out. Nevertheless, after two major massacres in the last ten days, DR Congo and Uganda have hinted at undertaking joint operations again. 

DR Congo is one of the most resource-rich countries in Africa. With a population of over 90 million, the country has large mines of cobalt, diamonds, copper and coltan. According to a report, DR Congo is exceptionally wealthy in mineral resources, estimated to be worth $24 trillion. 

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