Conflict in Bakhmut and east Ukraine sharply intensifies

- Russia begins a series of sustained and massive attacks

Conflict in Bakhmut and east Ukraine sharply intensifies

Moscow/Bakhmut: Russian attacks in Bakhmut and East Ukraine have sharply intensified. Russian troops have launched three-pronged attacks on the city of Bakhmut. Local sources and media claim that it is becoming more and more difficult for the Ukrainian Army to save the city day by day. Russia is also said to have taken control of an important route leading to the city. Apart from Bakhmut, Russia has also started a spate of aggressive attacks on other towns in Donetsk province while firing missiles and rockets at the Kharkiv region.  

Bakhmut city, located strategically in the Province of Donetsk, is considered important for capturing the entire province. Western agencies and media claim that the city of Bakhmut could become a ‘technical victory’ for Russia. After the capture of Bakhmut, Russia can launch major attacks on the towns of Kramatorsk and Slovyansk in Donetsk. Therefore, the control of Bakhmut is decisive in controlling the Donetsk province along with these cities. Since last year, Russian forces have continuously attacked to capture the city.   

Russia’s efforts seem to be attaining success in the new year, and Russia has taken over the city of Soledar near Bakhmut. Russia has also succeeded in disrupting the supply to Bakhmut and has taken control of many small parts near the city. Russia has said it has launched three-way attacks on the town. Currently, around 7,000 Ukrainian troops are deployed in Bakhmut.   

Apart from Bakhmut, Russian attacks are also occurring in other parts of East Ukraine. A missile attack was carried out in the Kharkiv region on Tuesday night. At the same time, Russians fired artillery guns and rockets in Kupiansk. There have been major attacks on Ukraine’s bases in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia.   

Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu said the weapons provided by western countries are turning out to be factors drawing NATO more and more into the Ukrainian conflict. He also pointed out that NATO member states have started supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine in the last few days.   

Germany and other Western countries have pledged to supply about 100 Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine. Apart from this, the United States and the UK will also provide battle tanks to Ukraine. Senior Ukrainian officials had claimed that Russia would launch a major offensive and make new attacks against Ukraine in the next ten days. This information is a matter of concern, given the circumstances.

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