It is last opportunity to establish peace in Afghanistan: senior Afghan leader Dr Abdullah

Afghan CEO Dr Abdullah Abdullah 

Dr Abdullah

Kabul/Doha: This is the last opportunity for establishing political negotiations and long-lasting peace in Afghanistan, Dr Abdullah Abdullah, the second-most-important leader in Afghanistan, has called on the Taliban not to waste this opportunity. He made the remarks after no constructive outcome came after talks in Qatar with the Taliban. Meanwhile, the religious leaders in Afghanistan have called on the Taliban for a ceasefire after the negotiations fell through. 

On Sunday, Taliban chief Mullah Akhundzada had announced to arrive at a political resolution to the conflict in Afghanistan. Simultaneously, the Taliban chief had also slammed the Ghani administration. Therefore, the Taliban is clearly not ready to reach a compromise with the Afghanistan government. The talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban in Qatar’s capital Doha concluded without a constructive outcome.  

Dr Abdullah

In a joint statement after the meeting, the Afghan government and the Taliban announced they would be conducting negotiations again. The statement also said the talks would be expedited. Nevertheless, the Taliban neither announced imposing a ceasefire nor hinted at it. A leading news channel in Qatar had published a report on it. Even Afghan media suggested the talks had failed. 

Religious leaders in capital Kabul called on the Taliban to impose a ceasefire. The leaders have demanded the Taliban impose a ceasefire for the next few days throughout Afghanistan. The demand was upheld by officials from nearly 15 foreign embassies. Nevertheless, no comment was received from the Taliban over it either. The Taliban is thus believed not to be ready to reach a ceasefire.  

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