China will launch missile on Australia if it joins US in military assistance to Taiwan, CCP mouthpiece threatens

Beijing/Canberra: China’s state-run mouthpiece, the Global Times, has warned Australia that China would launch missile attacks on vital military installations if the country assists the US military over the Taiwan issue. Hu Xijin, the editor of the Global Times, has suggested China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) should make a concrete plan and make Australia aware of it through non-official channels. Only last month, China threatened Australia to support its policy over the Taiwan issue if Canberra wanted to end the trade war. By issuing another threat, China has stepped up pressure on Australia. 

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China’s communist regime has become more aggressive over the past year and is rapidly taking steps to execute its expansionist policies. Whether it is the law imposed in Hong Kong, the decisions taken on the South China Sea or the growing military deployment, all only reaffirm it. Taking control of Taiwan is the next step of its policy. Also, the Communist Party leaders and military officials have given clear indications of a plan for launching an attack on Taiwan is already in place. The rise in incursions into Taiwan’s territory after the US change in administration underscores China’s intentions. The threat issued to Australia through the Global Times also goes to confirm it. 

In an article written on Friday, Hu Xijin mentioned the stance taken by Australian leaders and officials on Taiwan. Some aggressive Australian leaders and officials have repeatedly expressed that ‘Australia should assist the US military if a conflict is sparked in Taiwan.’ Australian news outlets have also upheld the opinion. “If Australia takes steps to co-operate with the US in its war against Taiwan, China should take action to punish the country severely. China should launch long-range missiles to strike Australia’s military locations and related key areas,” Hu said as he threatened Australia. 

mouthpiece, threatens, Global Times, Taiwan, missile strikes, Australia, China, trade war, TWW, Third World War

The article in The Global Times also warned that “If they are bold enough to coordinate with the US to militarily interfere in the Taiwan question and send troops to the Taiwan Straits to wage war with the PLA, they must know what disasters they would cause to their country. China should make them aware of the consequences by launching missile attacks on the country.” The report drew attention to China’s strong production capability and stated it could produce additional long-range missiles. 

A few days ago, Mike Pezzullo, Australia’s Home Affairs Secretary, had raised the alarm, saying the ‘drums of war’ were beating. Some in Australia criticised his remarks, terming them as extreme. Nevertheless, responsible strategic analysts have urged that Pezzullo’s warning needs to be taken seriously. China’s power and ambition have grown tremendously. The analysts have also said the potential threat to Australia had increased proportionately as well. The threat China’s government mouthpiece, The Global Times, has issued only reaffirm Pezzullo’s warning is turning into reality. Not just Australia but other countries will also be unable to ignore it. 

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