UK Finance Minister indicates introducing digital currency ‘Britcoin’


London: – British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak hinted at launching a digital currency called ‘Britcoin’. In this regard, the UK Finance Department and the Central Bank’ Bank of England’ set up an independent task force a few months ago. Against the backdrop of Corona and Brexit, the British economy is likely to develop a crisis. It is claimed that digital currency could provide an impetus to the economy. China is currently implementing the digital yuan on an experimental basis, and last month Singapore also signalled the development of a digital currency.  

The digital currency ‘Britcoin’ will be the digital version of the British currency Pound. Insiders claim that introduction of ‘Britcoin’ could be a major turning point in Britain’s economy and financial sector. It is also important to note that the Bank of England, the central bank of the United Kingdom, will control the digital currency.  

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