Hezbollah will nip Israel in the bud when the time comes, head of Iranian Revolutionary Guard warns

Hezbollah will nip Israel in the bud when the time comes, head of Iranian Revolutionary Guard warns

Tehran/Beirut: ‘Today, Hezbollah is standing firmly against each of Israel’s tactics. Hezbollah will nip it in the bud when the time comes,’ Gen Hussain Salami, head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, warned. Two days ago, a senior Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah commander were killed in Syrian airstrikes. Outraged, the head of the Revolutionary Guard threatened Israel.  

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Syria has accused Israel of carrying out airstrikes thrice in Syria’s Aleppo and Hamas last week. The Syrian human rights groups and locals had claimed that Iran’s military base in Syria was destroyed in the Israeli airstrikes. The Israeli military has not as yet responded to the claims. However, according to an Israeli radio channel, Iran and Hezbollah suffered casualties in the air attacks.  

Senior Revolutionary Guard official Ahmed Qureshi and Hezbollah’s military commander Imad al-Amin were killed in the attack. The incident comes as a major shock to Iran and Hezbollah. At the same time, reports say that the Israeli army fired flares near the Lebanon border on Monday night. The Israeli military is said to have taken the step to stop the infiltration from the Lebanese border. 

Israel’s air raids in Syria have drawn a response directly from Iran. Iranian Revolutionary Guard head Maj Gen Hossein Salami has threatened Israel. ‘Israel tried to destabilise Lebanon. However, Lebanon and Hezbollah stand firm against Israel. Hezbollah will nip Israel in the bud even before the Israeli military can make a move,’ Gen Salami warned. 

Meanwhile, attacks on the Syrian army as also on Iranian and Hezbollah bases are said to have escalated. The Israeli fighter jets have targeted Iranian and Hezbollah’s arms depots in Syria. Also, the United States had launched attacks on sites of the Iranian army and Iran-backed groups four days ago. In addition, reports reveal that Turkey is also launching air operations on sites of Assad-backed forces and Kurdish groups in northern Syria. 

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