Taliban strikes UN headquarters in Afghanistan

Kabul: An attack on United Nations (UN) headquarters in Herat province of Afghanistan has claimed the life of one soldier. The UN has accused the Taliban of being responsible for the attack. The Taliban is said to have committed a grave mistake by targeting the local headquarters of an international organisation. Therefore, a sharp reaction may emerge over it from the United States and Western nations.  

According to Afghan media, the Taliban militants are trying to seize control of the provincial capitals in the country. On Friday, the Taliban militants launched an attack on Lashkargah city in Helmand province. The Afghan Army and terrorists were engaged in conflict for a long time. Within hours the Taliban terrorists launched an attack to seize control of the town of Herat, capital of Herat province in Western Afghanistan.  

Nearly two hours after it engaged in conflict with the Afghan Army, the Taliban militants fired rockets and grenades as even opened heavy fire on the UN headquarters building. The soldier standing guard for protecting the building was killed in the attack. The details of the incident have not been released as yet. 

However, the international media have claimed the Taliban violated the Doha agreement by attacking provincial capitals and UN headquarters in Afghanistan. Under the Doha deal, the Taliban had agreed not to target provincial capitals. It had also agreed not to attack Western troops and buildings. Therefore, the aggression in Herat shows that the Taliban is not willing to abide by the Doha agreement. 

The United States and its allies are now more likely to respond after the recent Taliban attacks. A senior US military official had warned of such action.