President Biden defends decision to pull out troops and pins blame on Afghan Army for failure


Washington: President Joe Biden once again defended his decision of US withdrawal by declaring that ‘The troop withdrawal from Afghanistan was the right decision for the United States.’ Also, ‘the security of the country lies with the government and military of Afghanistan. Therefore, the military of Afghanistan is responsible for the failure,’ Biden accused. However, former US President Donald Trump demanded that President Biden should apologise to the world for the disastrous military withdrawal in the history of the United States. Trump has once again demanded resignation from Biden, responsible for the failure.  


After the US troop withdrawal, a heart-rending truth is emerging from Afghanistan, which has fallen to the Taliban. On Tuesday night, videos of Taliban militants parading the US’s Humvee military vehicle and flying Black Hawk helicopters in Kandahar province have been released. 

Currently, the Taliban possesses as many as 48 aircraft and helicopters, which is claimed to be more than what the air force of some NATO member-nations have. Also, photographs of US Humvee vehicles being transported in trucks in Iran’s Semnan-Garmsar region are circulating in the media. Criticism against Biden that the US arsenal worth billions of dollars has fallen in the hands of the Taliban and US’s enemies is gaining ground.  

President Biden justified his decision while addressing the United States on Tuesday. Saying that the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan was the right decision, Biden asserted that he had fulfilled his promise to the United States. President Biden blamed the Afghan military for the chaos in the country. The Taliban had seized control of Afghanistan because of the Afghan Army, Biden said.  

Former US President Donald Trump, however, harshly criticised Biden’s decision. Trump slammed Biden, calling the withdrawal from Afghanistan the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to America. A few months ago, retired US military officials submitted a letter to the Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin, demanding Biden’s resignation. Trump had said in an interview that the retired military officials’ demand was apt and that Biden should resign for humiliating the United States.  

Meanwhile, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former US National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster expressed concern over the situation in Afghanistan since the withdrawal. Rice and McMaster said that ignoring the orphaned children and new generation in Afghanistan due to the sudden departure is not affordable. They both expressed concern over the matter, saying that ‘The United States should try to get these children out of the orphanage in Afghanistan; because if this generation falls into the hands of the Taliban, they will use them for terrorist activities.’ 

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