US intelligence warns about China’s plans of creating a global genetic database

Washington / Beijing – US intelligence agencies warn that the Chinese regime has been collecting genetic databases of citizens around the world to pursue technology ambitions, a move that may give them dominance over US Healthcare as well as a decisive military lead. This is the third time, since the past month, that US agencies have issued such a warning. Drawing attention to China’s technology front, two senior US Defense Department officials had forewarned that the United States had begun to lag.   

‘जेनेटिक डेटाबेस’, तकनीक के क्षेत्र, genetic database

In the last decade, China had signalled to expand investments in domains of information technology and robotics by announcing ambitious ‘Made in China Policy’. Thenceforth, China leads in technology. From 5G to artificial intelligence, it is apparent that Chinese companies and research are thrusting into the field. With the dominance in the production of minerals and other raw materials, there are indications that China motions to influence technological advancements in other countries.  

Former President Donald Trump took notice of China’s move and had taken aggressive decisions to stop the communist regime. However, new President Joe Biden has annulled several decisions and actions taken during Trump’s tenure. Rather than containing China, drones are being purchased by setting Chinese companies free. Against this backdrop, senior officials and systems are constantly drawing attention to China’s growing threat. This is a part of The National Counterintelligence and Security Centres’ alert (NCSC).   

‘जेनेटिक डेटाबेस’, तकनीक के क्षेत्र, genetic database

‘China’s ruling communist regime is collecting genetic and health information from citizens around the world. A country having such a wide range of information available can find an effective treatment for future outbreaks. China has begun to overtake in this field,’ said Edward Yu, a senior official at the National Counterintelligence and Security Center. Yu claimed that China was accomplishing this through Corona test kits, DNA testing technology and investments in the US and European pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Senior officials made aware that if this continues, it would be disreputable for the US to rely on China in the healthcare sector in the future.   

‘जेनेटिक डेटाबेस’, तकनीक के क्षेत्र, genetic database

Michael Orlando, acting director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, draws attention towards China’s dominance in advanced technologies other than healthcare. He warned that if China grasps lead in areas such as; artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, quantum computing and semiconductors, the US cannot afford to lose. Orlando also claimed that if US companies cooperated with China in areas such as; quantum computing, the intelligence agencies could face a hit. Ahead of the report, Nicholas Chaillan, a former chief software officer and Heidi Grant, Director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), had raised an issue of the US neglecting the technology sector.  

China has by so far overtaken the US in other areas of advanced technology alongside artificial intelligence, Nicholas Chaillan warned. Grant warned that US rivals were openly providing cutting-edge technology to the rest of the world. She also claimed that this made it easier for the rival countries to access sensitive information from other countries. 

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