Power concentration in hands of President Xi is dangerous for China

warns HK Post article

Power concentration

Beijing – The power concentration at the hands of President Xi Jinping could be dangerous for China’s economy as well as its influence on the international level, an article on the HK Post website warned. Two weeks ago, China’s ruling Communist Party (CCP) had passed a special resolution. The resolution is said to have further tightened President Xi Jinping’s grip on the country.  

केंद्रित झालेली सत्ता, Power concentrationThe article said that the sealing of Jinping’s monopoly has raised concerns among other ambitious Communist Party leaders. During the Jinping era, the communist regime’s aggression and defence potencies have also increased. Therefore, there is an atmosphere of concern in neighbouring countries and the Western world.  

Jinping holds the highest positions at the civilian as well as military levels. According to experts, Xi Jinping could stay in power for another decade. Hence, the avenues of political promotion of the leaders currently in the Politburo of the Communist Party have been blocked. The concept of collective governance has been shaken as Jinping holds all rights and has started making decisions. The issue sets a resentment among some leaders, the HK Post cited.  

The article drew attention to the fact that during President Jinping’s tenure, conflicts with neighbouring countries have increased and these countries are being drawn to the Western countries. Consequently, things like the Coronavirus pandemic and the energy crisis were seen to have harmed China’s economy.  

केंद्रित झालेली सत्ता

In 2018, Jinping had cancelled the age and term limit for the presidency. He had then forced to incorporate his policies and ideas into the Communist Party’s ideology as the ‘Xi Jinping Thought’. Jinping had also succeeded as chief of the Central Military Commission, which controls the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).  

But now, even the CCP has begun voicing opposition to President Jinping’s policies. Last year, General Dai Xu, a senior official with China’s PLA, expressed displeasure that the current foreign policy has not proved to be beneficial for China. 

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