China to ‘modernise’ its nuclear arsenal, warns chief of China’s Arms Control Dept  

Beijing – China will continue to modernise its nuclear arsenal for its safety, warned a senior Chinese official. However, US claims about China’s nuclear capability were untrue, said Fu Cong, Director-General of The Department of Arms Control, China. China has shown its duplicity by making these claims just before completion of 24 hours before its statement submission on nuclear weapons as a permanent member of the Security Council.   

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In the light of changing security environment in Asia, China needs to have enough nuclear weapons. The United States is deploying advanced missiles in the Asian continent. The Chinese official justified the modernisation of nuclear weapons by saying that India and Pakistan are also nuclear-armed countries. ‘The US and Russia still possess 90% of the nuclear warheads on Earth. They must reduce their nuclear arsenal in an irreversible and legally binding manner. We will be happy to join if they have reduced to our level,’ claimed Fu Cong.  

Furthermore, ‘China has always adopted the no first use policy. Nuclear weapons are the ultimate deterrent. They are not for war or fighting,’ Cong said. After US and Russia, China is believed to have 350 nuclear warheads, the highest. All the more, international think tanks, alongside the US have warned, China could increase its nuclear arsenal to thousands in the next few years.  

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