Russia alleges the US wants war at any cost  

Moscow/Washington: – Russian foreign ministry alleged that the United States wants the Russia-Ukraine war at any cost. Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has warned that the US military deployments in Europe and the claims made regarding the war are its indicators. Senior Russian officials said that along with the United States, even NATO does not want peace to prevail in the Russia-Ukraine sector. Whereas US President Joe Biden has stated if Russia and the United States get involved in a conflict over the Ukraine issue, it would trigger a world war. German daily ‘Der Spiegel’ has reported that Russia has planned to attack Ukraine on February 16. 

war at any cost

Since the last few days,  the United States has consistently made aggressive claims over the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Senior US officials and media are constantly warning that Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine at any time. While expressing displeasure over these claims, the Ukrainian President said that this created an unnecessary panic situation in the country. But the United States continues to make the claims, and now Russia has sternly replied to the allegations.

Andre Rudenko, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, also targeted the western countries. Rudenko claimed, ‘NATO does not want peace in Ukraine. The only objective for NATO is to stop Russia and weaken it. Therefore, even if Russia is repeatedly saying that it will not launch an attack, the NATO member countries are unwilling to believe us. Along with the western countries, even Ukraine wants to ignore what Russia is saying.’

war at any cost

US President Joe Biden has instructed the US citizens in Ukraine to leave that country. While speaking on the subject, he warned that an exchange of fire between the United States and Russia would trigger a world war. At the same time, he announced that the United States was despatching 3,000 additional soldiers to Poland. It is the second instance of the United States announcing new military deployment in Europe in the last 15 days. The previous announcement was the deployment of military units in Germany and Romania.

Meanwhile, the German daily Der Spiegel has made a sensational claim regarding the Russian attack on Ukraine. The German daily claimed that the western intelligence agencies had received intel that Russia would initiate an attack on Ukraine on February 16. Due to this, US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron will be holding talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday.

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