Russia criticises West’s weapons aid to Ukraine

- CIA chief visits Ukraine

Russia criticises West’s weapons aid to Ukraine

Moscow/Berlin/Kyiv: ‘Continuous supply of arms and ammunition from Western countries to Ukraine is very dangerous. Due to this, the ongoing struggle can go to a completely different level. It will not be good for European and global security,’ Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said as he issued the stern warning. Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s ambassador to the US, has also taken an aggressive stance and said it is not possible to defeat Russia, no matter how many weapons are supplied (to Ukraine).   

weaponsOn Friday, a meeting of all the countries providing arms to Ukraine was held in Germany. A sharp reaction has emerged from Russia in the wake of these events. On Friday, a meeting of the Defence Contract Group, which supplies arms to Ukraine, was also held at US’s Ramstein Airbase in Germany. In the meeting, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov once again demanded more arms and weapons. At this time, they conveyed their need for more air defence systems, artillery guns, tanks and equipment required for this. The US also raised the issue of providing more arms to Ukraine as Russia prepared for a new invasion. Simultaneously, the US also reassured that it would continue supplying arms to Ukraine as long as it is necessary.  

Before the Friday meeting, the US announced an arms aid of 2.5 billion dollars to Ukraine. It includes Striker Tanks, Bradley Armored Vehicles, HIMARS rockets and other defence equipment. After the recent announcement, the value of US arms aid to Ukraine reached $26.7 billion. Even as the US announced new arms assistance to Ukraine, the UK declared it would give 600 Precision Guided Brimstone Missiles to Ukraine. Also, Finland has announced new military aid worth 40 million euros for Ukraine. However, the differences between the US and Germany over providing Ukraine tanks were evident even during the meeting.  


There was a sharp response from Russia over the new military aid from the western countries. ‘There will be no change in the current situation due to the new weaponry from the West. Russia will definitely fulfil its objectives. Providing more weapons will have negative consequences, and the new weapons will only add to Ukraine’s problems. Ukraine is being supplied with more arms by projecting it would cause a major change. But these claims are exaggerated,’ Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned.   

Russia will retaliate immediately if Ukraine uses the weapons supplied by the West to attack Crimea. No matter how many weapons NATO supplies to Ukraine, Russia will not stop until all these weapons are destroyed. It is not possible to defeat Russia,’ Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s Ambassador to the US, said as he issued a warning.  

Meanwhile, reports have emerged of William Burns, the head of America’s intelligence agency ‘CIA’, visiting Ukraine a few days ago. In the secret meetings held at this time, the possible ‘spring offensive’ of Russia was discussed, the media said. 

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