Ukraine and Russia make serious allegations against each other over massacre near Kyiv

Ukraine and Russia make serious allegations against each other over massacre near Kyiv

Kyiv – Ukraine has accused Russian troops of carrying out massacres before withdrawing from areas near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Many bodies have reportedly been found in the region, and they have been tortured. European countries, including Ukraine, have criticised Russia on edge and accused it of war crimes. However, Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, denied these accusations and said they are a part of propaganda against Russia.  

Kyiv , हत्याकांडMoreover, Russian soldiers withdrew from Bucha near the capital, Kyiv. However, a large number of bodies have been found at this place. The civilians were massacred while the Russian troops withdrew. Ukraine has accused that evidence has been found of some being tortured and killed by Russian soldiers. Ukraine’s President Zelensky has sharply criticised Russia and said that this is a crime of genocide. Germany and France have also demanded intense action against Russia.  

But Russia has denied all the allegations. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recalled that Russian troops had withdrawn from Kyiv on March 1. Not only that, on March 2, the mayor of Kyiv had said that everything was fine here, the Russian Foreign Minister also pointed out. Saying that Russia cannot be held responsible for what happened next, Sergei Lavrov accused that this was a part of the anti-Russian propaganda.  

Russia is in touch with the United Nations in this regard. Besides, Foreign Minister Lavrov informed that Russia would also raise this issue in the UN Security Council. Moreover, Russia’s Defence Ministry has strongly accused that it is the Ukrainian government’s ploy to fabricate videos and photographs of bodies in Bucha to be shown in the Western media.  

Meanwhile, there are indications that Russia has been preparing to withdraw from the Ukraine conflict. In this scenario, the United States is working on a plan to keep Russia engaged in the Ukraine conflict, say the analysts. However, Russia has announced plans to withdraw from Ukraine, announcing that it has achieved its goal of military action. Russian leaders had already announced that they had no plans of incursion in Ukraine and seize control over Ukraine’s cities.  

Against this background, the importance of news coming from Ukraine has intensified. The Western media, which has consistently set Russia on fire, has upheld the issue of the bodies in Bucha. However, Russia has become aggressive against this propaganda campaign. Also, Russia’s stance in this regard has been met with a response from a group of international media. 

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