US Senators pressurise President Biden to launch airstrikes against Taliban to curb the security threat to Afghanistan & US 

Washington: ‘It is still not too late to prevent the Taliban from overrunning Kabul. The administration should quickly launch airstrikes to stem the Taliban’s advances and provide critical support to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, battling hard to defend the country’s capital. If the Biden administration does not act immediately, the innocent Afghan people will have to pay a heavy price, and the security threat to the US will rise,’ senior US Senator Mitch McConnell warned. Like McConnell, Senator Michael Waltz has called on the Biden administration for launching airstrikes against the Taliban and impose sanctions on Pakistan for supporting the Taliban.   

हवाई हल्ले चढवाThe Taliban militants have reached just 10 kilometres from the capital Kabul. Warnings are being given against the Taliban, which is expected to launch attacks on Kabul in the next few hours. Also, US allies have warned that there is a growing threat of Al Qaeda’s resurgence in Afghanistan after the Taliban takes complete control of the country, including Kabul’s capital. In such a scenario, there is a growing demand in the United States to launch airstrikes against the Taliban for stemming the security threat to Afghanistan and the United States.  

Senator McConnell has called on the Biden administration to support President Ghani’s government and military before the situation in Afghanistan gets out of hand. Therefore, McConnell said the United States needs to launch heavy airstrikes against the Taliban, advancing towards Kabul. US Senator McConnell made the demand after a meeting with Adela Raz, Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United States. Along with McConnell, a Republican senator from the United States and Michael Waltz, a former military officer who served in Afghanistan, also upheld the demand for airstrikes.  

हवाई हल्ले चढवाTo save Afghanistan, President Biden will have to make clear and tough decisions, Waltz said. Senator Waltz suggested three options for doing so. ‘Launch airstrikes against the Taliban, impose sanctions on Pakistan and suspend Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad. With these three concrete steps, we can still save Afghanistan and its democracy, but the United States needs bold leadership for it, now,’ said Waltz.  

‘The Taliban militants are fearlessly moving about the streets. The United States needs to launch airstrikes against the Taliban just as it had in 2001 and weakened the militant outfit. At the same time, it is essential to send a strong message to the Taliban supporters in Pakistan,’ Waltz said.  

‘Pakistan’s military is responsible for the rise of the Taliban’s power. Although Pakistan says it has nothing to do with the Taliban-initiated violence in Afghanistan, it is actively arming the terror group. Therefore, the United States should suspend all aid to Pakistan and impose sanctions on its officials from the military and intelligence agency ISI,’ Waltz said in an interview with a US news channel.  

At the same time, Waltz demanded the removal of US Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad. Waltz said the envoy was deceiving the US and the world by saying the Taliban had changed and was ready to join the government by establishing peace in Afghanistan. If the Biden administration does not change its position in time, Al Qaeda would make a violent return to Afghanistan and launching an attack on the United States again, Waltz warned. 

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