Russia launches missile attack on a base in Odessa, South Ukraine

- targets Turkish drones

Russia launches missile attack on a base in Odessa, South Ukraine

Moscow / Kyiv – Russia has intensified its attacks against foreign weapons supplies to Ukraine. On Monday, Russia launched a missile attack on Odessa, an important city in southern Ukraine. The Russian Defence Department informed that the attack targeted Turkish drones and the drone control station. Russia said it has carried out attacks also in Severodonetsk and Kharkiv region, in addition to Odessa. Meanwhile, British new Army Chief, General Sir Patrick Sanders, has warned that British Defence Forces should be prepared for a struggle against Russia in Europe.  

दक्षिण युक्रेनमधीलThere are indications that the Russia-Ukraine conflict is becoming more aggressive and dreadful with each passing day. Attacks from Russia have intensified, and the Ukrainian army has to bear heavy casualties, informed Ukrainian officials. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that in the next few days, Russia will increase more on the extent of its attacks. A decision on Ukraine’s candidature in the European Union will be made in the next few days. Zelensky warned that Russia’s attacks on Ukraine could be intense while the process is underway.  

Serhiy Haidai, an official in Ukraine’s Luhansk province, claimed that the situation in Severodonetsk had become piteous and dreadful. Haidai said that the whole city was seized by Russia, except for the premises of the cement factory in Severodonetsk. He further said that Russia, which has deployed new military squads and defence systems in Donbas, has consistently launched attacks 24 hours a day. He also admitted that it is becoming increasingly difficult for Ukrainian squads to combat them. Russia has continued its attacks in the Donbas region besides other parts of the country to make the campaign in Ukraine a success.  

After a missile attack in the Dnipropetrovsk province on Sunday, Odessa, a strategic city in southern Ukraine, was targeted on Monday. The Ortiz air base in Odessa was attacked with the aid of an Onyx high-precision missile. Turkish Bayraktar drones and the drone control station were blown up in the attack at the base, a Russian spokesman informed. It had emerged that Turkish drones had played a key role in destroying Russian tanks and rocket systems. Therefore, this attack from Russia became noteworthy.  

Meanwhile, the British new Army Chief, General Sir Patrick Sanders, has revealed that he has written a letter addressed to British Defence Forces. In the letter, he warned that British forces would once again have to fight for Europe’s defence. General Sanders mentioned Russia openly in the letter and said the UK should be prepared for the struggle against Russia. 

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