Lithuania could provoke a ‘Nuclear Third World War’

- warns former Russian military officer  

Lithuania could provoke a ‘Nuclear Third World War’

Moscow/Kyiv – Lieutenant General Evgeny Buzhinskiy, a former Russian military official, issued a sensational warning that stopping the export of merchandise items to the Russian base in Kaliningrad proves to be a threat to Russia’s national security. He further said that in such a situation, Russia should deploy nuclear weapons in Kaliningrad. He added that if tensions with Lithuania escalate further, a nuclear war could erupt, and countries like the United Kingdom will also not be saved from the outburst. Lithuania, a Baltic country, has decided to stop transporting products sent through railways in Kaliningrad. Infuriated with the decision, Russia has warned Lithuania that it will have to pay a heavy price.  

माजी लष्करीMoreover, Kaliningrad is a base in the Baltic marine region of Russia. Geographically, the base is between Poland and Lithuania. Goods exported from Russia to the region are shipped through Lithuania. Most of these goods are transported through railways. However, a few days ago, Lithuania’s railway administration declared in a statement that coal, metals, cement and technology-related products could not be shipped to Kaliningrad. Lithuania said that this decision was taken as per the sanctions imposed by the European Union.  

However, Russia has taken the issue seriously and accused this decision of Lithuania as a part of a ‘blockade’. Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary-General of the Security Council of Russia, visited Kaliningrad immediately and held talks with the local administration. He said Russia’s move to Lithuania proves it cannot trust the West. ‘Russia will certainly respond to such hostile actions [of Lithuania]. Their consequences will have a serious negative impact on the population of Lithuania,’ Patrushev warned. The mention of former Russian officials’ deployment of nuclear weapons and the threat of a nuclear world war indicate that the issue has festered further.  

Meanwhile, a US soldier has been reported killed in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The State Department says Stephen Zabielski was killed on May 15 in the conflict in Ukraine. Zabielski is the second soldier killed in the Ukraine conflict. Willy Cancel, part of the Marine Corps, was killed during the struggle in April. Russia has warned that two US soldiers have been captured in the Donetsk region and will be treated as mercenary soldiers. Russia’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that Alexander Druk and Andy Hoencrimes are the two soldiers who could also be sentenced to death. 

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