Finland and Sweden’s entry into NATO confirmed with signing of agreement with Turkey

Finland and Sweden’s entry into NATO confirmed with signing of agreement with Turkey

Madrid: – Turkey, which accused Sweden and Finland as supporters of terrorism a few weeks ago, has expressed willingness to accept them as NATO members. It is being said that Turkey consented to this after US President Joe Biden held talks with Turkish President Recep Erdogan. Turkey signed a tripartite agreement with Sweden and Finland on Tuesday. Turkey claimed that Sweden and Finland accepted all the Turkish demands in the agreement. Following this agreement, NATO announced that an official invitation was given to Sweden and Finland for membership on Wednesday.  

Sweden and Finland, तुर्कीबरोबर करारMoreover, Sweden and Finland had the policy to remain nonaligned in the US-Russia disputes. But the United States and the other NATO members instilled fear into Sweden and Finland, saying Russia could attack them like Ukraine. Pressurised by this, Sweden and Finland requested NATO to include them as members. Russian President Vladimir Putin declared this would be a blunder on Sweden and Finland’s part.   

Turkey, a leading NATO member, strongly opposed the inclusion of Sweden and Finland into NATO. President Erdogan had taken a clear stand against Sweden and Finland, saying that Turkey is not optimistic about including Sweden and Finland in NATO. Both these countries are safe havens for terrorists. Terrorists have even become lawmakers in some countries. Don’t expect Turkey to support such countries. 

Furthermore, Erdogan had accused Sweden and Finland of sheltering terrorists from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), declared a terrorist organisation by Turkey. The United States and European Union have declared PKK a terrorist organisation. Erdogan had criticised that in this scenario, the inclusion of Sweden and Finland into NATO would violate the laws of the organisation.   

The Turkish President had announced that Sweden and Finland could be included in NATO only if they guaranteed action against PKK. The United States and other NATO members mediated to convince Turkey to accept Sweden and Finland as NATO members. It was also reported that the United States had offered certain concessions to Turkey. As claimed by Turkey, Sweden and Finland have expressed willingness for action against the terrorists and even extradition of criminals in the agreement signed on Tuesday. At the same time, military sanctions against Turkey will also be withdrawn.   

Meanwhile, Sweden and Finland have refused to reveal the details of the agreement. But the Kurdish groups and lawmakers in Sweden have expressed displeasure over the agreement with Turkey. Therefore, reactions are expected from the Kurdish groups based in Europe. But Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson said the agreement is good for Sweden and NATO. Along with the United States, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg welcomed the agreement signed on Tuesday. Stoltenberg reacted that this was a historic decision. 

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