Russia admits to partial withdrawal from Kharkiv to fulfil goals in Donbas  

Russia admits to partial withdrawal from Kharkiv to fulfil goals in Donbas  

Moscow/Kyiv: The Russian Ministry of Defence disclosed that Russia had partially withdrawn from some parts of the Kharkiv region to fulfil the objectives of the military campaign in the Donbas region. In the past few days, claims of major tactical success by Ukrainian forces in the Kharkiv region in northeastern Ukraine were reported. While responding to it, the Russian Defence Ministry Spokesperson, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, stated that Russia had restructured its military deployment. At the same time, Russia also said that over 750 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in precision strikes and artillery attacks in the Kharkiv area in the last 48 hours.  

Kharkiv Ukraine’s military launched a counteroffensive in the Russian-controlled areas of southern and northeastern Ukraine in the last month. In the last few days, they appear to be receiving success. The President of Ukraine, senior leaders, and western media have started making big claims about it. On Saturday, the Ukrainian President announced that more than 30 large areas had been captured, claiming that Russian forces were fleeing from Kharkiv. The British intelligence agencies have confirmed the claims, while the Western media now say that the Russian military front has crumbled. It is also claimed that it is a significant defeat for Russia after its withdrawal from the capital Kyiv.  

Against this propaganda by Ukraine and Western media, the Russian Ministry of Defence issued a statement clarifying the situation in Kharkiv. “The military teams deployed in Izium and Balakliia cities in Kharkiv are being reorganized. The military deployment in Donetsk is being strengthened to achieve the goal of liberating the Donbas region. For this purpose, units from Izium and Balakliia are being deployed in this area,” said Lt. General Igor Konashenkov, the spokesperson of the Russian Defence Ministry. At this time, the Russian spokesperson explained that Russia had not stopped attacks on Kharkiv and that they were retaliating against Ukrainian attacks in southern Ukraine.  


‘In the last 48 hours, Russian air force, missile forces and artillery units have launched fierce attacks on Ukrainian Army units and bases in Kharkiv. More than 750 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in these attacks. Drones, radars, artillery guns and command posts of the Ukrainian army were destroyed. Also, US-supplied armoured vehicles and HIMARS rockets have been destroyed,’ the Russian Defence Ministry said. Russia had reported attacks in the Mykolaiv region in southern Ukraine as well.  

Meanwhile, all the units in the Zaporizhzhia plant were shut down, and the generation and distribution of electricity were reportedly stopped due to attacks on the plant. 

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