Russian attack on Ukraine has increased the risk of nuclear proliferation

- US Secretary of Defense warns

Russian attack on Ukraine has increased the risk of nuclear proliferation

Halifax/Moscow: US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin issued a serious warning. ‘Russia’s invasion offers a preview of a possible world of tyranny and turmoil that none of us would want to live in. And it’s an invitation to an increasingly insecure world haunted by the shadow of nuclear proliferation. It will make the world more vulnerable because Putin’s fellow autocrats are watching. And they could well conclude that getting nuclear weapons would give them a hunting license of their own. And that could drive a dangerous spiral of nuclear proliferation,’ Austin said.  

nuclear proliferationThe US Secretary of Defence presented his position on the Russia-Ukraine war at the international security conference, which began in Canada. Secretary of Defence Austin claimed that this conflict would define the future of the 21st century. He warned that the Russian attack on Ukraine poses a challenge to the rules-based system that exists at the global level. Russian President Putin has chosen the option of invasion and war, and the US Defence Minister highlighted that this matter is the biggest challenge for NATO and Europe’s security.  

Russia has destroyed the rules-based system that keeps the world safe and attacked our collective values, Austin claimed. The US Secretary of defence also claimed at this time that due to Putin’s war, Europe had faced the biggest crisis since the Second World War. While saying that European countries are panicking given the Russian aggression, he also assured that the United States or NATO would not be dragged into this war. Secretary of Defence Austin warned that the United States and NATO would stand firmly behind Ukraine and would not allow even an inch of the land of NATO member countries to be taken over by Russia. Austin also claimed at this time that if Ukraine receives more and more success in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Russia may start a spate of nuclear threats again.  

nuclear proliferation

He also mentioned the friendship between Russia and China and the ongoing Chinese preparations for an attack on Taiwan. The US Secretary of Defence also pointed out that the United States and allied countries have learned their lessons from the Ukraine conflict and are providing more assistance to countries in the Indo-Pacific region to stop China. At this time, Austin also fired a barrage of criticism against countries like Iran and North Korea for their assistance to Russia.  

After the Russia-Ukraine conflict started, President Putin ordered his nuclear forces to be on alert. After that, Russia also demonstrated its nuclear preparedness by conducting nuclear drills and testing a new nuclear weapon. President Putin also warned that the statements made by Russia regarding nuclear weapons are not only empty threats. In a meeting of military officers held in Russia a few months ago, there was a demand from senior officials that ‘Tactical Nuclear Weapons’ should be used against Ukraine. 

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