US and NATO activities rise in Europe as Russia-Ukraine conflict intensifies

US and NATO activities rise in Europe as Russia-Ukraine conflict intensifies

Washington/London: The US and NATO have started increasing their military deployments in Europe, given the intensifying Russia-Ukraine war and the missile attack in Poland. Five aircraft carriers from NATO countries, along with their carrier strike groups, were said to have reached the European marine region a few days ago. After that, there was a reported rise in the activities of submarines from the United States, Norway and France in the European maritime region.  


A British naval official informed that 85 submarines from NATO member countries visited the marine region near UK waters last year. The number of submarines visiting this area was 42 in 2021. Among these are submarines from France, Germany and Norway, along with the Virginia class submarines from the United States. Besides, Russian activities have also increased in Europe, considering the Russia-Ukraine conflict. NATO and European countries have warned that Russia could carry out some sabotage in this region. It is the reason for the surge in the movements of NATO submarines, which has put restrictions on the activities of the Russian Navy, a UK official claimed.  

As it intensifies its movements in the marine region, NATO has initiated a new war exercise in Poland. The exercise TUMAK-22 started in the Suwalki Gap adjacent to the Russian Kaliningrad military base. The Polish government informed that more than 2,000 NATO soldiers participated in the exercise.   

Reports said a NATO nuclear exercise has begun in northern Europe. Following that, reports revealed that five aircraft carriers and their carrier strike groups from NATO countries had been deployed in the European marine region. The US Navy has confirmed the information. NATO has announced an increase in European defence deployments against the increasing Russian aggression. At the same time, NATO has stepped up its activities to increase coordination between member countries. The rise in submarine movements and new exercise only confirm the report.   

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