Ukraine’s defeat in conflict against Russia may spark the Third World War

- Polish Prime Minister warns 

Ukraine’s defeat in conflict against Russia may spark the Third World War

Berlin/Kyiv: Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki warned that if Ukraine loses the conflict against Russia, it could lead to the Third World War. Morawiecki made this statement in an event held in Berlin, the capital of Germany. At the same time, Prime Minister Morawiecki also criticized that European countries have no reason to block arms supply to Ukraine. On the other hand, Croatian President Zoran Milanovic has claimed that NATO is playing a ‘proxy war’ against Russia.    

the Third World WarIn the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the US and European countries are supplying a large number of arms to Ukraine. The United States and European countries are said to have provided nearly 30 billion dollars in arms to Ukraine. Despite it, Ukraine is demanding more and more weapons. The Balkan countries, including Poland, have strongly supported this demand. These countries have been making aggressive statements to supply arms to Ukraine in the last few days.  

यूक्रेन पराजित हुआThe warning given by Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki is also part of this stand. The Polish Prime Minister said the European countries should be aware that the Ukrainian Army is not only fighting for that country’s freedom but also for Europe’s security. Furthermore, Morawiecki insisted that a leading country like Germany should not hesitate to supply arms to Ukraine.  

Germany has provided over a billion dollars in military aid to Ukraine. However, differences have arisen between Germany and Ukraine over the supply of some advanced weapons. Other European countries are ready to supply German-made systems to Ukraine. However, Germany has not approved it. Due to this, Ukraine has expressed displeasure, and European countries have also begun to add pressure on Germany. Even so, Germany has maintained its position on this issue and has refused to change it. Given the developments, Poland appears to have tried to increase the pressure on Germany by directly referring to the Third World War. 

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